Saturday, August 14, 2010


Emerald green wheat field on my jogging route

On my usual jogging route, I see lots of interesting flora and fauna... including bright orange slugs that I like to watch and sometimes gently handle. A slug tried to eat my hand, and the sensation of the slug's radula scraping against my finger was surprisingly strong. I did learn my lesson when I couldn't wash the slug slime off my hand afterward, even after vigorous scrubbing with soap. I bet there are some useful applications for such a tenaciously adhesive substance.

I think since I’ve been away from suburban lawn/garden culture, I’ve fallen in love with weeds and slugs. Slugs are so fascinating... and kind of cute. And fields of clovers are just one of the most calming, natural scenes for me.
A big snail

This flower cluster looked like a giant snowflake... in summer

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