Monday, April 19, 2010


these guys appeared in my life yesterday. sometimes, when you have a huge deadline and important things to be doing, you somehow just find yourself making plush animals, you know?

dino is made of reclaimed fabric (curtain cast-offs) and stuffed with mesh onion bags :)
the mesh stuffing works very well, actually, and it takes a surprising number to fill a dinosaur this size-- about seven or eight altogether. it's a good way to re-use those things because they'd be garbage otherwise.
birdie is made of felt and stuffed with shredded old clothing (of the type that cannot be donated-- ie. socks, undies, et cetera. i definitely made sure they were clean clean clean before shredding)-- and also scraps from cutting the felt itself.

they were quite calming to make.

1 comment:

jenji said...

Those are adorable!

But where's the mini fruit sweater? ;)

You really are procrastinating... at least you do it in a constructive and creative way.