Friday, April 16, 2010

our new pet

yes, the leaves are a little chewed up due to some time spent at a neglectful plant nursery, but this fragrant little italian darling has now been pruned and will be healthy in no time.

the oranges smell absolutely divine... I'm waiting to try one :)


jenji said...

You cannot call it a pet until you can put a mini sweater on it and tuck it beneath your arm for appearances.

I'm just sayin.


ps my word verification: mensing lol

chococotton said... that a challenge?

Don't make me procrastinate even more and start knitting tiny sweaters using chopsticks and twine... because I totally will.

And then when I don't get anything done in this dangerous week, it will be your fault entirely, yup.
Yay for scapegoats!

jenji said...

Consider it a challenge, yes.

The Scapegoat