Saturday, May 15, 2010

apple chips!

Why is there an exclamation mark in the title of this post? Because apple chips are the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed!
Fresh apples = mundane
Crunchy apple chips = yay!

They're really easy to make:
1. Wash apples, slice thinly with slicer or by hand
2. Place on baking sheet
3. Bake at 100°C (250°F) for at least 2 hours or until crisp
4. Let cool and eat (theoretically, anyway... none of mine have ever made it to this stage, as I eat them during Step 3. The above photo of the measly few crisp ones are the ones I didn't eat out of the entire batch because they were stuck to the baking sheet.)

How much do I love apple chips? A heck of a lot.

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