Tuesday, May 18, 2010





I had seen advertisements for the Henri Rousseau show at the famous Fondation Beyeler art gallery in Basel, Switzerland, and I was so thrilled when I actually got to go see them. It was the last day of the show, and we were super lucky to catch the opening day of the Basquiat exhibition as well. I absolutely loved it.

I was so moved by both artists' pieces... but completely unexpectedly, I was blown away by the huge Monet painting (Les Nymphéas) in one of the beautifully-lit rooms in the gallery. I've never felt any particular attraction to Monet, but seeing a real piece in person is so different than seeing photos of paintings. The colours are so much more vibrant and there is so much more depth. I felt like my eyes were swimming in a sea of colour.

We had only 45 minutes left before we had to catch our train, so we blasted through the Gabriel Orozco exhibit at the Kunstmuseum Basel. Orozco does some really interesting, highly imaginative work.

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