Wednesday, May 12, 2010

frills and cheap thrills

I've been having fun with napkins. What this says about my social life, I don't want to contemplate. However, at my local grocery store, FSC paper napkins (more on FSC here) and recycled paper napkins were on discount, so I bought a bunch more colours. Using the same method as last time, I've been making pompoms.

I saw some interesting (and scary) things being done with pompoms online... of course The Martha's ideas are great, but I found the "hang them in a giant clotted clump over your bed" thing a little intimidating. it's like having dust collectors (and believe me, these things will attract dust like nothing else) hanging over your face as you sleep. That said, though, this ceiling piece is fun:
(image source)

I think it can be modified to fit into our work room, and maybe not so directly overhead.

It's funny, but these pompoms, especially when affixed to ceilings, look like the traditional wedding decorations in Taiwan that are now considered so passé. Even more amusing for me are the appearances of these pompoms at Western weddings. Everything goes around in cycles, I guess!

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